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Bud Dunn


There will always be a part of Bud Dunn present when thousands of fans gather each year for the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration in Shelbyville, Tennessee. His influence on the training of Tennes­see Walking Horses redefined the sport in many ways. He earned a world-renowned reputation as a trainer and was sought out by the top horse owners through­out the country. 

He produced several World Grand Champion horses at the highly competitive national cel­ebration in Shelbyville. His last two World Grand Champion horses came in 1991 when he was 74 and in 1998 when he was 81. He trained walking horses for over 50 years. He personally showed 108 horses at the celebration and trained hundreds of others that were shown by other riders. He is a member of the Tennessee Walking Horse Hall of Fame and won numerous professional awards during his career.